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Monday, October 29, 2007

Nokia N76

Hi folks.

I've been getting some queries from some people about the N76, so here's a little writeup about it.

The Nokia N76 seems to be targeted at people who value a very slim form factor more than anything. But fortunately, it does so without sacrificing too much function.

To describe it, I'll use an N95 as a comparison since everyone should be familiar with it:

The N76 basically is an N95 packed inside a Moto RAZR chasis, but without GPS, 5 MP cam (2MP) and wifi.

Considering that it's so much smaller than the N95, I feel it's acceptable. Then, there are a few things that are better than the N95, like the screen (very sharp and vibrant!), the speakers (best quality I've heard on a phone so far). The interface is even prettier than the N95's with fonts that look gorgeous.

Ok. Let's move on to the pics.

4 shiny protoypes. 2 red 2 black.

I choose a black one for myself. Front view.

Right view.

Left view

Top view. Notice the 3.5mm earphone jack!

Back view

A thickness comparison. From left to right: N95, N76, N91 8GB, E61.

Peel off all the protective stickers. From this moment on, the phone is worth close to nothing.

Slide off the back cover. Oops, not enough Euro batteries, so they just put one meant for China inside this proto.

Insert the SIM card. A bit awkward. Never seen such a system before.

Insert the Micro SD card

Turn it on and see the front cover display comes to life. Beautiful!

Flip it open and reveal the inside. Wow!

So far, I'm really enjoying using it. The keypad feels better than even the N93i. The screen is simply breathtaking. The interface is very quick, faster than the N95 (as expected due to less stuff in this phone). Despite the 2 MP cam, the pic quality is pretty decent. I'll go take some pics outdoors with it later.

The speakers are just awesome. You can actually hear a little bit of bass on them and they're plenty loud. Music seems to be a big thing on this phone. There are dedicated buttons on the front of the phone to access the music library and all the music players functions. One doesn't expected to see a proper 3.5mm earphone jack on such a slim device, but the N76 gives you one!

Another thing I love about this phone is the cover display. You can choose to read SMS's through it without flipping the phone open. This saves a lot of time indeed. Not only that, you can even take pictures using the cover display as a screen! All the phone menus are even accessible through the buttons in front. That means you don't even have to flip open the phone to take pics, making it much quicker and easier to use as a camera.

Battery life should be pretty decent considering there's no wifi and GPS in this thing.

I took some pictures using the N76 camera during lunch yesterday. The sky was very overcast, so no real bright sunlight was involved.

All pictures are taken on auto mode. Point and shoot. The camera is a 2.0 megapixel one. Non Carl Zeiss, aka, el cheapo camera module. Let's see how it performs.

Outdoor shots:

Inside the car with roof blocking the sun

Placing the phone nearer to the subject (there is no close up mode on this cam)

Indoor shots

Night shots

Overall, I find that the camera has a greenish tint to it and is grainy, especially under low light conditions. For a quick point and shoot, I suppose it's ok. Can't expect too much from something that's so slim...

So if you're looking for a 3G phone that is sexy, does music excellently, and photos/videos not so well, this is your ticket...


Anonymous said...

The nokia N76 is been a good phone for my liking,and im still using the n76 But i have a little problem with it,I need the cover case and the original battery

Anonymous said...

Pls i need a new battery of the phone

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Then, there are a few things that are better than the N95, like the screen (very sharp and vibrant!), the speakers (best quality I've heard on a phone so far).

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