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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Apple iPhone vs the Symbians - Part 1: bringing it home

So why am I writing this? We all know that most Symbian phones will trounce the iPhone in terms of function. But is function everything? If you had one choice, would you rather be driving a slow convertible or a fast station wagon? Ultimately, it boils down to taste, needs and budget.

I'm the kinda guy who values the little details that make me go "damn, they thought of that?". So you can understand my fixation with the iPhone, or rather, Apple stuff.

Ever since I first saw iPhone on the internet when it was launched, I had a terrible itch to buy it. Because of it's old-ish technology, I managed to tame the itch for a while. Afterall I had almost every flagship Nokia phone at my disposal so it wasn't too much of a hardship.

Until, that is, I saw one in the flesh. When I saw it in my friend's hand, my knees literally went weak and I felt dizzy. My vision suddenly became like an over-exposed camera lens. Everything just whitened out except the iPhone. It felt like the the first crush I had on this girl when I was 8 years old. My blood pressure rose, I felt hot at the collar and I had an irresistible urge to want to hold it, despite that fact that it wasn't right to.

There's voodoo involved. There must be. How can a chunk of glass and metal bring out such irrational emotions in a human being? Apple stuff has always made me feel like that, which explains my need to own them:

Ok. So I have a problem. I need to see a shrink.

Or I could just spend more of my hard earned money to make Apple richer. I think that sounds like a better plan.

Back to the story. So I made a few calls and found out where to buy an unlocked one. I went to the shop, and made sure it was working and had the guy apply a screen protector. I couldn't help taking some shots with my Nokia N95 8GB at the shop.

Neat little package:


Stuff in the box:

What a way to welcome the user!

Shop guy applying the screen protector. He's got the bling factor:

After that, I drove home as quick as I could with the turbo in my car spooled all the way.

Part 2 coming soon...


Imran said...

The iPhone is having a very interesting effect on people! I personally have not fallen under it's voodoo, the only Apple device I own is a Macbook Pro (which I treasure like a child), but to be honest, like you said, it's down to whether you're after form or function (amongst other things, budget etc...). I've always been a bit of an iPhone (and touch screen device) hater, but interestingly, I fell under some voodoo myself the other day whilst looking at the new Sony Ericsson W960... Since then I've been quite interested in the upcoming UIQ devices, as they'll be bridging the gap between Symbian function and iPhone form. It's an exciting time for us phone gadget lovers ;)

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My Blog said...

Everything just whitened out except the iPhone. It felt like the the first crush I had on this girl when I was 8 years old.