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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Nokia 8800 Arte unboxing...

So, this will be my first proper experience with an S40 phone, and what better way than to start right at the top. The Nokia 8800 Arte.

This phone is supposedly in Nokia "premium" range targetted at people who appreciate the finer things in life, but maybe still can't afford a Vertu. Materials and build quality are as good as it gets without comparison to Vertus. Technology takes a back seat in this range of phone. While not as power packed as the N series, it no laggard either. There is 3G and a 3.2MP autofocus camera besides all the things we all take for granted in a mobile phone these days.

The packaging really reflects the target audience. The box is made of what feels like very nice quality paper with expensive printing. So let's get on with the unboxing.

Nice, black and classy.

The phone and bluetooth earpiece sits on the 1st layer of the box.

On the bottom layer lies the manual, installation disc, charger, battery, desktop stand (that feels like it's made of gold!) and leather pouch.

Installation CD/manual pouch is very nicely designed.

Full contents of the box.

The INCLUDED desktop stand (hello N series???) deserves a very special mention. It not only matches the phone and looks incredible, it feels like it's made of some kind of heavy metal. I mean this thing is HEAVY. Well done Nokia!

Bye bye plastic protector.

Put in the SIM and battery.

And it's alive!

I am quite speechless as how beautiful this thing looks. Even the E Series have nothing on these guys in terms of build quality. N Series, no where near.

The phone from a few angles.

3.2 megapixel autofocus camera.

The speakers, which by the way, sound ASTONISHING.

A close up view of the keypad. One of the very best keypads I have ever used. Better than an E51 even. I am very impressed at this point.

Double tap anywhere at the bottom half of the phone to bring up the beautiful clock. Stunning.

I find the sync function without much trouble.

Setting up the phone is a one-click affair if you use another Nokia phone. I transfer my stuff over from my N82.

So far, with my limited experience with this phone, I already have a feeling that I am going to enjoy using it. Yes, it does not have wifi or HSDPA or 5MP camera with xenon flash. In fact it doesn't have even somewhere to plug in a set of earphones. Of course one can see that as weaknesses. But if Nokia only makes this phone, then it would be worth critisising. But Nokia has a whole range of phones that will satisfy tech leaders.

This lack of features only shows the focus of this range of phones. Not everyone needs the latest or fastest. Some people drive Honda Civic Type R's and others choose Mercedes C180's. Both cars are in the same price range but serve very different consumers. So far, the refinement and tactility of this device is certainly good enough for me to overlook the lack of some features I have been used to with N Series devices.

Now, if they only made an N82 that looks and feels like this... Someday, I hope...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nokia N78 live pics...

Ok, I got my greasy hands on an N78. Before I do a review on this proto unit, I'd like to spend some quality time with it. So it won't be maybe a week before I write it up.

Anyway, first impressions are pretty good. The phone looks much much better in real life than photos, so I take back my words in saying that it's ugly based on pictures on the internet. I love the way the phone looks like it's off when the screen back light is off. Being a prototype unit, the build quality isn't that great, but is very acceptable. It feels as good the the N82 prototype I had, which held up fine for a long time. The screen brightness is definitely better than an N82.

Weird as the keypad looks, it's actually pretty ok to use. No major adjustments needed.

The S60 FP2 adds quite a bit candy to the UI and it feels closer to the iPhone's interface, which has nice transitions in everything you do. The iPod-like touch sensitive D-pad works great especially scrolling through your large collection of music and/or photos.

So here are just a few pictures to whet your appetite:

Sorry, but the plastic protector has gotta go.

Ahhh, much better.

It's alive.

Close up shots of the keypad.

Can't get a good picture of the back cover with the plastic protector, so bye bye.

Reminds me of the carbon fibre dash kit on my car.

Transferring my stuff over from the N82.

Manage to wring an 8800 Arte, 7900 Prism and 8600 Luna from them too. By the way, I have to give them all back, so no need to be envious.

Like I said, gimme some time to use it before I write it up. Patience my friends...