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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nokia N95-8GB unboxing...

So the time has come again to return a prototype phone back to Nokia. This time it's the N95-8GB. But again, Nokia has been kind enough to send over a consumer edition version to extend the time I have with this lovely device.

As I've never seen how the retail package is like, it's interesting to see the box and what's in it. I've been using the charger/earphones/remote/cables from my original N95 with the N95-8GB proto, and yes, everything is interchangeable. So here goes:

The box

The walking girl fighting for attention with the N95-8GB. The phone wins this time.

On the 1st layer of the box: phone, remote control, earphones and battery.

On the 2nd layer: TV out cable, USB cable, charger, installation discs and manual.

Brand spanking new with nary a fingerprint.

Bragging rights.

Putting in the battery and setting it up.

And it's ready to go.

Some side by side pics with the N82 just for fun.


Mike said...

which do you like better?

n95 8gb or n82?

chickenbackside said...

I personally prefer the N82. With memory card capacities these days, having only 8GB built-in is no longer something to shout about. In fact, I tend to see it as a disadvantage.

Despite the smaller screen of the N82, the xenon flash more than makes up for it. I often need to take close up shots of documents in low light conditions. With an LED flash, all you get is white wash. With a xenon flash, you get a crystal clear picture, even in pitch darkness.

Also, the GPS of the N82 seems to work faster than the N95-8GB's, as experienced with 2 units of N95-8GB.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to your own personal preference. You won't go wrong with either.

Anonymous said...

SE packaging and build quality of t650 was way ahead of even nokia n95 8G. This is shameful of Nokia considering N95 8g was a flagship N series phone and t650 is a buget phone. The last decent all round package for an N series in my experience was the N91.

Anonymous said...

May I know can N95 and N82 take self shots using the video call camera? Thanks.

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But again, Nokia has been kind enough to send over a consumer edition version to extend the time I have with this lovely device.

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