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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Symarctic ExtGPS

Ever wished that you can use your phone's built-in GPS as a bluetooth GPS module?

It's a great idea. It's another device that you can leave at home, your standalone bluetooth GPS receiver, that is. Well, now you actually can.

Why in the world would anyone want to do this? One scenario is, for people who have installed computers in their cars. The computers run GPS navigation software and the device that feeds the GPS satellite data to the computers is probably a bluetooth GPS receiver. Now they can, if they want to, choose to use their E90 or N82 or N95 or 6110 built-in GPS receivers instead. Not that it would be a better solution. But the point is they can.

Perhaps, my usage of this software is a little bit more useful. It all started when I got my N810 internet tablet.

As some of you already know, the GPS module found in the N810 is erm, not too effective. It's frustrating just waiting for the thing to get a satellite fix. It's kinda like the old N95 without the AGPS software update.

I kept wishing that I could somehow use the very effective AGPS of my E90 or N82 to power the N810 map software instead.

And now, my wishes have come true, thanks to Symarctic's ExtGPS software.

Now I can have the power of AGPS in my N810. What bliss...

Picture of my E90 internal GPS module driving my N810:

From not really usable to bloody usable:


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The computers run GPS navigation software and the device that feeds the GPS satellite data to the computers is probably a bluetooth GPS receiver

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