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Thursday, January 3, 2008

King of Cool: Salling Clicker...

When Apple launched Front Row and the Apple Remote, everyone as usual went gaga. Sure, using your computer as a media consumption device is cool, but hardly ground breaking. Making a neat little remote to control your computer is cool, but not nearly as cool as using your mobile phone to control your computer via bluetooth or wifi.

I recently stumbled upon this software called Salling Clicker that turns your mobile phone into a remote control for your computer. A seriously cool remote control. See here: http://www.salling.com/

Intsallation, implementation, user interface are all very well done. Here are some shots of the installation process on my Apple Powerbook and Nokia E90:

With the softwares installed on your computer and your phone, you're ready to roll. On an Apple computer, you can use your phone to:
1) control iTunes
2) control presentations (Keynote and Powerpoint)
3) all your media players installed on your computer. I have DVD player, EyeTV, VLC and Quicktime
4) check and read email, on you PHONE!
5) control iPhoto and see the photo thumbnails on your PHONE!
6) use it as an Apple Remote
7) put your computer to sleep
8) control your mouse, means you can surf the net using your phone's D pad as the mouse!
9) control the balance of your sound output
10) control the volume of your sound output

I don't know whether you can see how mind bogglingly cool this is, but it IS mind bogglingly cool.

It means I can lie in bed and navigate around my laptop, which is hooked up to my plasma TV, without using a mouse (using my phone's D pad). Very cool.

It means I can see and control my whole iTunes library through my phone while I'm in the toilet. Very cool.

It means I can put my computer to sleep with my phone while starting my car before I leave for work. Very cool.

It means I can read my emails on my phone without wifi and without launching the Mail application on my phone (via bluetooth). Very cool.

It means I can look for a specific photo in my photo library while watering my plants. Very cool.

Here's a little video of my Nokia E90 controlling my iTunes:

This is the King of Cool.



Howie said...

Yes - salling clicker is excellent.

Have you discovered that you can also use it for Logic, Ableton & Pro Tools along with loads of other apps....?


chickenbackside said...

Really? Haha. That's very cool. But I doubt I'd ever use it for those purposes! I think you wouldn't either...

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A seriously cool remote control.