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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Calcium's good for you...

Here's a question for all you S60 3rd edition Nokia phone users:

Do you like the calculator?

If you answer yes, then you must be in the minority. Everytime I have to use the calculator, I keep wishing I brought my iPhone instead.

Ok, I know there are huge bugs in the iPhone's calculator (here and here), but I'm a neither bright or rich enough to run into them. My calculations usually circle around 4 digits. And everyone knows Apple ripped Braun off for the calculator application (picture from core77). But for simpletons like me, there's simply no better calculator.

The problem with the built-in calculator is that you need to scroll around just to get to the major functions if you didn't read the manual. Yes, there are keyboard/keypad shortcuts to get to them but it's just not intuitive. When you're in a rush to do a calculation, it's just downright frustrating.

Then I came across mtvoid's CA60 calculator for S60 phones. Finally, a calculator application that just gets on with it. The simple iPod like interface is easy to understand on the first use. Each side of the D pad square ring does a major function. You don't need to scroll around the screen just to get to the plus function.

This is more like it.


Anonymous said...

An even better calculator replacement app would be http://www.penreader.com/s60-3rd-edition-software/Handy_Calculator.html
Handy Calc, it's like calcium, but it integrates better with the theme and has 3 or 4 more functions. Too bad it's not free.

chickenbackside said...

Yeah, too bad it's not free. This is good enough for not having to pay though. Thanks for your input!

Mr-X said...

Hi Chickenbackside,

This comment is off-topic but you don't seems to have a "contact me" on your blog. Anyways, I just wanted to say that you've been forgetting the commas in your tags, something which I was also guilty of!

Feel free to delete this comment when necessary :)


chickenbackside said...

Thanks for the tip Mr X.

I'm very new at this blogging thing. What difference do commas in the tags make?

Mr-X said...

Because you didn't put commas between the words, when a reader trys to click on your "calcium" tag for example, they will actaully click on all of them so the search will be for "nokia e61i s60 calculator calcium mtvoid" all at once, not just "calcium"

If that made any sense.

chickenbackside said...

I see! Wow, that's an important thing!

Thanks so much Mr X!

Mr-X said...

No problem,

If you ever have any questions about Google Blogger, I'd be happy to try to answer them.


chickenbackside said...

Thanks Mr X. Great to have people like you around...

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