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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Video of N82 vs N95 reaction times...

So there have been some doubts over why I don't offer numbers to prove that the N82 is faster than the N95.

Well, the thing is, I'm not really a very technical person, as you can see from my style of writing. I don't really care about the numbers. What I care about is how things are like to use. In my lifetime, I have encountered many times numbers that are impressive but when you use them, they reveal the opposite story. For example, a Volvo's 200BHP is much slower than a Saab or Volkswagon's 200BHP. By precise measurement, they all may have 200BHP, but there are so many other things involved that you can't just take the numbers and come to a conclusion. The ultimate conclusion has got to be derived from actual usage.

However, I do see where "nipsen" and "island_paradise" are coming from. So here's a little video I made to substantiate my claim that the N82 feels a lot faster to use than the N95. There is no multi-million dollar timing equipment used or anything like that, but I doubt anyone who watches this will still think that the N95 is actually as quick as the N82.

For the record, this N95 has been updated to the latest firmware which has made it a lot quicker than the original release. I'm sure many people would stand up and agree with me by virtue of EXPERIENCE, without the need to give numbers.

Also, the N95 is totally empty, just fresh from a firmware update. The N82 is full of stuff (over 500 contacts, 35 notes, over 700 SMS/MMS's on the phone memory and 800MB worth of data on the micro SD card)



thadada said...

chickenbackside you're the man
is the n95 8gb similar to that updated n95? or is it slightly faster?
from the videos, i say the n82 wins hands down, it may seem 1 or 2 seconds, but 1 or 2 seconds i huge when taking pictures, its "the moment" that you want the the "1-2 second moment later"

thadada said...

its "the moment" that you want NOT THE "1-2 second moment later"

chickenbackside said...

The N95-8GB is definitely faster than the original N95.

Rajaie.AlKorani said...

Wow, N82 really us faster. Especially in the image processing,and what's even more amazing is that the N95 has just been updated and it's still slower/

Anonymous said...

Oh my god try the software of the nokia n95 20.0.015 its great now its as fast as the nokia n95 8gb sometimes even faster sometimes slower (opening huge Videos ) Great Update with a black cover and a 8 gb micro sd card your n95 is your new n95 8gb every feature is now the same

Michael said...

Oh my lord, your review and this video has made me cream my pants... and avoid getting a n95-8gb (hate sliders didn't want to).

Do you have ANY idea of when it is out in europe? /begs

MyStOry said...

lol fake video =)

me have updateed my N95 with NSU to v20 software and !?

its identical time like this N82.. this was been testes 1mom ago =)

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By precise measurement, they all may have 200BHP, but there are so many other things involved that you can't just take the numbers and come to a conclusion. The ultimate conclusion has got to be derived from actual usage.

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