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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sharing your world, reaching the world...

So you have taken some great videos of your child's first steps or of your dog calling you "daddy" with your N82. Or maybe you have downloaded some hilarious clips from the internet or converted an entire classic movie with the latest video conversion software so that it fits onto your phone.

Your friends invite you to their place for a casual gathering with the usual bunch and you have all these videos with you on your phone. You sit down and talk about the kids, about movies, and you are dying to show your friends what you're talking about.

So all of them crowd around you to stare at your little phone screen. That works.

But there is a much better way of doing things. With a little cable, all of you can watch the videos through a much bigger screen while sitting down comfortably with your legs propped up on the coffee table, sipping red wine at the same time.

Sounds good? Well it is. Let me show you.

I have some movie trailers that I downloaded onto the micro SD card on my Nokia E90 and they playback flawlessly on the device itself. I took out the SD card from the E90 and popped it into my N82 and lo and behold, everything plays there just fine too.

Here's a little video of the Spider Man 3 trailer being played on the E90 external and internal screens and the N82's screen. For those of you who haven't seen videos played back on an E90's internal screen, it is indeed a sight to behold. Stunning is the word I would use.

And here's how the trailer would look like being played back on a 42" plasma TV while sitting on your couch. The images do appear slightly pixelated on the big screen, but I attribute that to the compression settings.

I also played back pictures taken with the N82 on my HD resolution TV and again, the effectiveness is top notch. Images are crisp and clear with no pixelation. Of course, the quality also depends on each individual TV model. But the point is, with today's mobile phones, sharing your life with others has reached a new level of convenience and effectiveness.

We have all these possibilities on our little mobile phones but more often than not, we never explore them.

How many of us actually upload pictures/videos directly to the internet directly from our phones with the click of a button after we take them, so that our parents living hundreds of miles away can see them and smile and know that their children are doing well and having fun?

How many of us actually switch between network phone and internet phone with a click of a button so that we can call our loved ones who live thousands of miles away for free over wifi?

How many of us write down things on a piece of paper while having a telephone conversation so that we don't forget them, instead of pressing a button that records the conversation so that we can review it at our convenience?

All this is possible right now with the phone in your hands. We should explore and use these built-in conveniences so that we can suggest ways to improve them and give phone makers new challenges to improve the quality of our lives.

I look forward to the future...

**Additional pictures for "ssislands"**


Anonymous said...

when playing the video on the plasma through your N82, did u set the tv-out to widescreen format? Because if I'd try to playback a video on my N95, which is widescreen it wouldnt fill the whole screen while tv-out being set to widescreen. So does the N82 have better tv-out quality than the N95?

/ Agaas

chickenbackside said...

With the videos that are not encoded in the 16:9 format, it fills up the whole screen. For the trailer that you saw in my video, you can see 2 blacked out portions at the top and bottom of the screen because it is encoded that way.
When I connect the N82 to my TV, it always plays in full screen regardless of whether I set it to play in normal or full screen on the phone itself.
It is the same with the N95.
I don't think the N82 has better TV quality. They look the same to me.

ssislands said...

So it is also possible to output the rendering of my webpages to the TV?

chickenbackside said...

Whatever you see on your phone screen can be projected onto your TV screen. I took 2 pictures of that for you. One when the phone is when portrait mode and the other when the phone is in landscape mode.
Look at the last 2 pictures in this blog entry.

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Images are crisp and clear with no pixelation.

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